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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

18-09 03:22pm

The market continued its upward movement to end the week on a positive note driven by foreign institutions strong buying activities that reached EGP169.80Mn. The EGX30 Index rose 1.61% recording 9,729.10 points to close at a turnover of EGP897Mn , the highest in six sessions. Big cap CIB (COMI) led the market in terms of turnover recording EGP83.30 ... More

Halfway Mark

18-09 12:18pm

The market is maintaining its upward movement backed by foreign institutions strong buying activities recording EGP144.79Mn. Local and Arab institutions are net sellers at EGP115.94Mn and EGP12.45Mn respectively. The EGX30 Index is gaining 1.02% to record 9,673.49 points. Medinet Nasr Housing (MNHD), Heliopolis Housing (HELI) and SODIC (OCDI) are ... More

Market Warm-Up

18-09 09:05am

Euro Money Conference ended yesterday; Russia, Egypt signs initial arms deal
A number of investment opportunities aligned with the government plans were presented at the Euro money conference that took place on September 16-17. Among the presented opportunities was the ministry of tourism announcement of offering 3,500 acres in the Nor ... More

News Watch

18/09 03:27 - AREHA Release From Egyptian Real Estate Group (AREHA.CA AREH.CA) Concerning A Meeting Invitation Board Of ...

Company Name : Egyptian Real Estate Group
ISIN Code : EGS65211B907 EGS65211C012
Reuters Code : AREHA.CA AREH.CA
Content :
Relea ...More...

18/09 03:13 - GSSC Release from General Silos & Storage (GSSC.CA) Concerning The BOD's Meeting

Company Name : General Silos & Storage
ISIN Code : EGS30441C017
Reuters Code : GSSC.CA
Content :
Release from the company regardi ...More...

18/09 03:12 - MOSC Misr Oils & Soap (MOSC.CA) Company's Reply On The Central Auditing Organization Report

Company Name : Misr Oils & Soap
ISIN Code : EGS38421C011
Reuters Code : MOSC.CA
Content :
Companys reply on the Central Auditing ...More...

18/09 03:08 - EGAL Release from Egypt Aluminum (EGAL.CA) Concerning The Amendments In The Executive Managers

Company Name : Egypt Aluminum
ISIN Code : EGS3E181C010
Reuters Code : EGAL.CA
Content :
Amendments in the executive managers

18/09 02:55 - ACGC Release From Arab Cotton Ginning (ACGC.CA) Concerning The AGM Invitation

Company Name : Arab Cotton Ginning
ISIN Code : EGS32221C011
Reuters Code : ACGC.CA
Content :
The company sent a release concernin ...More...

18/09 02:54 - WCDI Release from Winvest Capital for Development and Investment (WCDI.CA) Concerning The Invitation Of T ...

Company Name : Winvest Capital for Development and Investment
ISIN Code : EGS515E1C011
Reuters Code : WCDI.CA
Content :
Release f ...More...

18/09 02:53 - AMOC Release from Alexandria Mineral Oils Company (AMOC.CA) Concerning The Invitation Of The Board Of Di ...

Company Name : Alexandria Mineral Oils Company
ISIN Code : EGS380P1C010
Reuters Code : AMOC.CA
Content :
Release from the company ...More...

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