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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

29-06 01:58pm

The market lost grounds with EGX30 index declining by 1.65% to record 8,371.53 points and a turnover of EGP561Mn. Foreign institutions and local retail investors were net buyers recording net flow of EGP81.63Mn and EGP42.41Mn respectively. Meanwhile, local and Arab institutions recorded net sales of EGP90.71Mn and EGP26.21Mn respectively. The finan ... More

Halfway Mark

29-06 12:13pm

The market is trading downwards with the EGX30 index declining by 1.65% to reach 8,371.87 points on a total turnover of EGP404Mn. The financial sector is leading the market in terms of turnover which extended to EGP181.25Mn, out of which EGP143.60Mn is attributed to COMI due to block trades making it the most active stock in today’s session so far. ... More


29-06 08:50am

GCC is not expected to provide Egypt with additional aid during FY15/16; Plans for national telecoms infrastructure agency is terminated
GCC are not expected to provide Egypt with additional aid during FY15/16, according to a government official. The Egyptian government has not yet received the USD6bn investments promised by the GCC du ... More

News Watch

29/06 01:42 - UASG Release From United Arab Shipping (UASG.CA) Concerning a News

Company Name : United Arab Shipping
ISIN Code : EGS47021C018
Reuters Code : UASG.CA
Content : Release from the company concerning what ...More...

29/06 01:40 - OTMT Release From Orascom Telecom Media And Technology Holding (OTMT.CA)

Company Name : Orascom Telecom Media And Technology Holding
ISIN Code : EGS693V1C014
Reuters Code : OTMT.CA
Content : Release from the ...More...

29/06 11:32 - Reactivating Horas Stock Brokers

Reference to decision No. (80) for the year 2015 issued on 28/06/2015 by the Egyptian financial Supervisory Authority Board of Directors, Horas Stock ...More...

29/06 11:28 - EGCH Release From Egyptian Chemical Industries (Kima) (EGCH.CA) Concerning a New Plant

Company Name : Egyptian Chemical Industries (Kima)
ISIN Code : EGS38201C017
Reuters Code : EGCH.CA
Content : Egyptian Chemical Industri ...More...

29/06 11:24 - EGCFE17 Release From Egyptian Arab Land Bank - Aug 2017 Securitization Bonds - 2nd

Issuer Name : Egyptian Arab Land Bank - Aug 2017 Securitization Bonds - 2nd
ISIN Code : EGB600F1S026
Reuters Code: EGCFE17=CA
Content: ...More...

29/06 11:18 - MCQE Release From Misr Cement (Qena) (MCQE.CA) Concerning The Client Egyptian Construction And Building C ...

Company Name : Misr Cement (Qena)
ISIN Code : EGS3C391C017
Reuters Code : MCQE.CA
Content :
Release Stating That The Client Egypt ...More...

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