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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

30-10 03:21pm

The market achieved a remarkable turnover in todays session at EGP1,058Mn backed by a strong institutional buying appetite that recorded a net flow of EGP204.69Mn out of which EGP148.55Mn came through foreign institutions. The EGX30 Index rose 1.86% recording 9,115.63 points. The real estate sector topped the market in terms of turnover recording ... More

Halfway Mark

30-10 12:50pm

The market is trading on a positive note with the EGX30 Index gaining 1.34% to record 9,071.95 points. Institutions are net buyers recording a net flow of EGP145.73Mn was opposed to individuals that are net sellers. Amer Group (AMER) is leading the market in terms of turnover recording EGP78.50Mn, soaring 6.36% currently trading at EGP1.01. Qalaa H ... More

Market Warm-up

30-10 09:10am

Standard & Poor's delegation In Egypt; Egypt improves in Doing Business 2015 report
Standard & Poor's delegation arrived yesterday to conduct several interviews for preparing Egypts classification that will be announced during the coming period. The delegation will meet with a number of leaders in the Ministry of Interior to inquire ab ... More

News Watch

30/10 03:22 - EDFM East Delta Flour Mills (EDFM.CA) - Central Auditing Organization Report

Company Name : East Delta Flour Mills
ISIN Code : EGS30351C018
Reuters Code : EDFM.CA
Content : The Central Auditing Organization Repor ...More...

30/10 03:20 - MIPH Minapharm Pharmaceuticals (MIPH.CA) - Updated Form Concerning the Company's Latest Information

Company Name : Minapharm Pharmaceuticals
ISIN Code : EGS380G1C011
Reuters Code : MIPH.CA
Content : Updated form concerning the companys ...More...

30/10 03:18 - SUCE Suez Cement (SUCE.CA) - Audit Committee Report

Company Name : Suez Cement
ISIN Code : EGS3C181C012
Reuters Code : SUCE.CA
Content : Audit Committee Report for the period ended 30/90/ ...More...

30/10 03:17 - CSAG Canal Shipping Agencies (CSAG.CA) Declares Cash Dividends

Company Name : Canal Shipping Agencies
ISIN Code: EGS44031C010
Reuters Code: CSAG.CA
Type of Dividend : Cash
Coupon No. : 39

30/10 03:13 - TORA Torah Cement (TORA.CA) - Audit Committee Report & the companies reply

Company Name : Torah Cement
ISIN Code : EGS3C311C015
Reuters Code : TORA.CA
Content :
Audit Committee Report for the period ende ...More...

30/10 03:11 - WCDF Release from Middle & West Delta Flour Mills (WCDF.CA) Concerning The Modification Of The Ordinary G ...

Company Name : Middle & West Delta Flour Mills
ISIN Code : EGS30421C019
Reuters Code : WCDF.CA
Content :
Referring to what has be ...More...

30/10 03:11 - NIPH Nile Pharmaceuticals (NIPH.CA) AGM Minutes (After Certification)

Company Name : Nile Pharmaceuticals
ISIN Code : EGS38331C012
Reuters Code : NIPH.CA
Content :
AGM minutes After certification

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