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Sigma Market Watch

Market Warm Up

28-08 08:21AM

El Sisi visits the US in September; CBE announces details of Suez Canal certificates on Sunday
President El Sisi is heading the Egyptian delegation participating in the 69th UN General Assembly meetings organized on September 23 in New York.
The CBE governor will announce the date of issuance and all the details of Suez Canal in ... More

Closing Bell

27-08 03:19PM

The market traded sideways with EGX30 closing 0.16% up recording 9,374.36 points at a turnover of EGP601Mn. Telecoms gained momentum again closing at a turnover of EGP94.18Mn ranked second after the housing and real estate sector which accounted for 34.37% of total market turnover recording a turnover of EGP206.64Mn. Global Telecom (GTHE) was the m ... More

Halfway Mark

27-08 12:24PM

The market is making slight gains with the EGX30 index inching up by 0.57% to reach 9,412.42 points with turnover EGP173Mn. As has been the case lately, the housing and real estate sector is leading the market in terms of turnover which reached EGP74.59Mn. OCDI, HELI and TMGH are the most active stocks in this sector recording a turnover of EGP17.6 ... More

News Watch

28/08 12:00 - ELEC ELEC BoD meeting on August 31

ELECs Board of Directors meeting will take place on August 31st, 2014 to discuss setting the date of distributing dividends for FY13. Company Rele ...More...

28/08 12:00 - HELI HELIs response in Abu Al Enein case

Heliopolis Housing (HELI) confirmed that all court rulings in Abu Al Enein case was in favor of the company and not in favor of Abu Al Enein as he cla ...More...

28/08 12:00 - CCAP TAQA Arabia to build a power plant costing EGP200Mn

TAQA Arabia, a subsidiary of Al Qalaa Holding (CCAP) plans to build a new power plant in 6th of October city with investment cost EGP200Mn. It is expe ...More...

28/08 12:00 - CCAP Al Qalaa Holding prepares to compete for railway projects

Al Qalaa Holding (CCAP) plans to expand its projects to cover the transport and railway sector in the Egyptian market through submitting offers for va ...More...

28/08 12:00 - CCAP Al Qalaa targets 25% revenue growth, USD700Mn from noncore industries exit

Al Qalaa Holding (CCAP) managing director noted that his company is targeting a 25% year on year increase in its annual revenues. He added that the re ...More...

28/08 12:00 - COMI COMI and National Bank of Egypt provides EGP800Mn loan to Evergrow

Commercial International Bank (COMI) and the National Bank of Egypt is currently studying extending a EGP800Mn to Evergrow fertilizers company to buil ...More...

28/08 12:00 - ESRS Steel prices remain unchanged in September

Steel prices are expected to remain unchanged in September due to the decline in demand. The average prices will be EGP5,000/ton ex-factory and EGP5,2 ...More...

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