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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

28-01 03:18pm

The market declined today with EGX30 closing 0.83% down recording 9,863.73 points and a turnover of EGP827Mn. Local and Arab institution and local retail investors recorded net purchases of EGP28.28Mn, EGP14.71Mn, and EGP11.50Mn respectively while foreign institutions recorded net sales of EGP52.98Mn. The financial sector topped the list of most ac ... More

Halfway mark

28-01 12:20pm

The market is inching down with the EGX30 index slightly declining by 0.57% to reach 9,889.70 points with a turnover of EGP265Mn. The financial sector continues to lead the market in terms of turnover which extended to EGP103.49Mn, out of which EGP53.17Mn is attributed to COMI making it the most active stock in todays session so far, while CCAP an ... More

Market Warm Up

28-01 09:22am

Updates of the Unified License, New plan for reviving Egyptian cotton
The three mobile network operators (MNOs) has requested new conditions for approving the launching of the Unified License. MNOs requested finalizing the issue of Telecom Egypt (ETEL)s exit from Vodafone before launching the license through ETELs giving up its righ ... More

News Watch

28/01 03:19 - DAPH Development & Engineering Consultants (DAPH.CA) - Audit Committee Meeting Minutes

Company Name : Development & Engineering Consultants
ISIN Code : EGS65081C019
Reuters Code : DAPH.CA
Content :
Audit Committee me ...More...

28/01 02:49 - CCAP Citadel Capital - Common Shares (CCAP.CA) - Listing Committee Decision

Company Name : Citadel Capital
ISIN Code : EGS73541C012 EGS73541P048
Reuters Code : CCAP.CA CCAPP.CA
Content :
As the company d ...More...

28/01 02:48 - AXPH Release from Alexandria Pharmaceuticals (AXPH.CA) Concerning The Invitation Of The Board Of Director ...

Company Name : Alexandria Pharmaceuticals
ISIN Code : EGS38341C011
Reuters Code : AXPH.CA
Content :
Release from the company conc ...More...

28/01 01:52 - HELI Heliopolis Housing (HELI.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decision

Company Name : Heliopolis Housing
ISIN Code : EGS65591C017
Reuters Code : HELI.CA
Content : The Board of Directors decision held on 26/ ...More...

28/01 12:10 - ELSH Release From El Shams Housing & Urbanization (ELSH.CA) Concerning Its Project

Company Name : El Shams Housing & Urbanization
ISIN Code : EGS65091C018
Reuters Code : ELSH.CA
Content : El Shams Housing & Urbanizatio ...More...

28/01 11:25 - MOSC Release from Misr Oils & Soap (MOSC.CA) Concerning The BOD's Meeting

Company Name : Misr Oils & Soap
ISIN Code : EGS38421C011
Reuters Code : MOSC.CA
Content : Release from the company regarding the BODs m ...More...

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