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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

23-10 03:01pm

The market closed on a negative note with the EGX30 index slightly decreasing by 0.17% to record 8,797.29 points on a turnover of EGP680Mn. Egyptian retail investors and local institutions were net sellers at EGP38.42Mn and EGP15.12Mn respectively. Meanwhile, foreign and Arab institutions were net buyers at EGP51.39Mn and EGP13.78Mn respectively. T ... More

Halfway mark

23-10 12:16pm

The market is trading sideways with the EGX30 index only marginally sliding 0.09% downwards at 8,804.37 points recoding a turnover of EGP336Mn. The housing sector is leading the market in terms of turnover which reached EGP114.65Mn mainly driven by AMER, PHDC and OCDI which recorded turnovers of EGP27.42Mn, EGP21.31Mn and EGP17.72Mn respectively. A ... More

Market Warm-Up

23-10 09:01am

Egypt rejects WB’s conditional loan; Cyprus to export gas to Egypt; tourism to recover by 2015
The Egyptian government refused a conditional loan worth USD430Mn from the World Bank to finance the electricity linkage project with Saudi Arabia at a cost of USD1.6Bn. The WB has conditioned to obtain the consent of both Jordan and Israel ... More

News Watch

23/10 03:29 - NHPS National Housing for Professional Syndicates (NHPS.CA) - Updated Form Concerning The Company's Lates ...

Company Name : National Housing for Professional Syndicates
ISIN Code : EGS65131C012
Reuters Code : NHPS.CA
Content : Updated form conc ...More...

23/10 03:24 - AMOC Alexandria Mineral Oils Company (AMOC.CA) - Updated Form For Company?s Data

Company Name : Alexandria Mineral Oils Company
ISIN Code : EGS380P1C010
Reuters Code : AMOC.CA
Content : Updated form for company data ...More...

23/10 03:22 - EDFM East Delta Flour Mills (EDFM.CA) BOD's Report For The Year Ended In 30/06/2014

Company Name : East Delta Flour Mills
ISIN Code : EGS30351C018
Reuters Code : EDFM.CA
Content :
BODs report for the year ended in ...More...

23/10 03:20 - MPCO Mansourah Poultry (MPCO.CA) Updated form concerning the company's latest information

Company Name : Mansourah Poultry
ISIN Code : EGS02091C014
Reuters Code : MPCO.CA
Content :
Updated form concerning the companys l ...More...

23/10 03:19 - EGAL Release from Egypt Aluminum (EGAL.CA) Concerning The BOD's Meeting

Company Name : Egypt Aluminum
ISIN Code : EGS3E181C010
Reuters Code : EGAL.CA
Content :
Release from the company regarding the BO ...More...

23/10 03:18 - ZEOT Extracted Oils (ZEOT.CA) Reports Year Ended 30/06/2014 Results

Company Name : Extracted Oils
ISIN Code : EGS38251C012
Currency : EGP
F/S Period : From 01/07/2013 To 30/06/2014
Net Loss ...More...

23/10 03:13 - AFMC Release from Alexandria Flour Mills (AFMC.CA) Concerning The Invitation Of The Board Of Directors' M ...

Company Name : Alexandria Flour Mills ISIN Code : EGS30471C014 Reuters Code : AFMC.CA Content : Release from the company concerning the in ...More...

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