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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

27-07 02:05pm

Slow momentum witnessed in todays session. The EGX30 Index closed down 0.10% recording 8,735.24 points with a weak turnover of EGP302Mn. Domestic and foreign institutions were net buyers at EGP18.03Mn and EGP17.62Mn respectively. All retail investors were net sellers, Egyptian retail investors recording EGP26.79Mn. The real estate sector led the m ... More

Halfway Mark

27-07 12:12pm

The EGX30 Index is trading on a sideway note recording 8,743.48 points. Foreign institutions are net buyers at EGP12.84Mn as opposed to local institutions that are net sellers at EGP6.81Mn. Egyptian retail and Arab retail investors are net sellers at EGP12.38Mn and EGP7.32Mn respectively. Big cap COMI is leading the market in terms of turnover reco ... More

Market Warm Up

27-07 08:48am

Global financial institutions participate in Donors Conference; EUR decreases against the EGP
Global financial institutions will participate in the Donors taking place next November. Some of the institutions include the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Arab Monetar ... More

News Watch

27/07 02:15 - HRHO Release from Egyptian Financial Group-Hermes Holding Company (HRHO.CA) Concerning Selling Treasury S ...

Company Name: Egyptian Financial Group-Hermes Holding Company
ISIN Code: EGS69101C011
Reuters Code: HRHO.CA
Content: Egyptian Financial ...More...

27/07 02:09 - ELNA El Nasr For Manufacturing Agricultural Crops (ELNA.CA) Disclosure Form

Company Name : El Nasr For Manufacturing Agricultural Crops
ISIN Code : EGS300L1C011
Reuters Code : ELNA.CA
Content :
The company ...More...

27/07 02:08 - EDFM East Delta Flour Mills (EDFM.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decision

Company Name : East Delta Flour Mills
ISIN Code : EGS30351C018
Reuters Code : EDFM.CA
Content :
The board of directors decision ...More...

27/07 01:53 - AMPI Al Moasher for Programming and Information Dissemination (AMPI.CA) - Disclosure Form (NILEX)

Company Name : Al Moasher for Programming and Information Dissemination
ISIN Code : EGS745W1C011
Reuters Code : AMPI.CA
Content : The c ...More...

27/07 01:41 - ACGC Arab Cotton Ginning (ACGC.CA) - Decision of EFSA

Company Name : Arab Cotton Ginning
ISIN Code : EGS32221C011
Reuters Code : ACGC.CA
Content : Decision of EFSA on write-off and liquidat ...More...

27/07 01:39 - AXPH Release from Alexandria Pharmaceuticals (AXPH.CA) Concerning the Board of Directors' Meeting

Company Name : Alexandria Pharmaceuticals
ISIN Code : EGS38341C011
Reuters Code : AXPH.CA
Content : Release from the company concerning ...More...

27/07 01:37 - BIGP Release from ElBarbary Investment Group (BIG) (BIGP.CA) Concerning the IPO Capital Increase (NILEX)

Company Name : ElBarbary Investment Group (BIG)
ISIN Code : EGS551D1C017
Reuters Code : BIGP.CA
Content : Release from the company conc ...More...

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