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Sigma Market Watch

Closing Bell

04-03 03:20pm

The EGX30 Index declined a slight 0.15% recording 9,461.06 points on a total turnover of EGP419Mn. Local institutions closed as the only net buyers recording EGP40.63Mn while foreign and Arab institutions were net sellers recording net flows of EGP14.62Mn and EGP5.67Mn respectively. The financial sector topped the market in terms of turnover record ... More

Halfway Mark

04-03 12:37pm

The market is trading in the red with the EGX30 Index inching down 0.15% to record 9,460.96 points. Local institutions are net buyers recording a net flow of EGP2.42Mn as opposed to foreign and Arab institutions that are net sellers recording net flows of EGP5.34Mn and EGP0.75Mnb respectively. Egyptian and Arab retail investors are net buyers recor ... More


04-03 09:03am

External debt declined to USD41Bn; increase in Feb’s foreign reverses; cabinet to approve new investment law today
Central Bank of Egypt-CBE’s governor said that the external debts reduced to USD41Bn. He also clarified that the bank will pay during this year debts worth USD1.7Bn out of which USD700Mn to Paris Club in next July and USD1B ... More

News Watch

04/03 03:06 - MPCO Mansourah Poultry (MPCO.CA) - Decision Of The Listing Committee

Company Name : Mansourah Poultry
ISIN Code : EGS02091C014
Reuters Code : MPCO.CA
Content :
Decision of the Listing Committee held ...More...

04/03 03:05 - EGAS Natural Gas & Mining Project (Egypt Gas) (EGAS.CA) - Listing Committee Decision

Company Name : Natural Gas & Mining Project (Egypt Gas))
ISIN Code : EGS39011C019
Reuters Code : EGAS.CA
Content :
The listing c ...More...

04/03 03:04 - EPPK Release from El Ahram Co. For Printing And Packing (EPPK.CA) Concerning The Client / Saleh Abd EL Az ...

Company Name : El Ahram Co. For Printing And Packing
ISIN Code : EGS360A1C011
Reuters Code : EPPK.CA
Content :
Release concerning ...More...

04/03 03:01 - MICH Release from Misr Chemical Industries (MICH.CA) concerning the Bank?s Letter

Company Name : Misr Chemical Industries
ISIN Code : EGS38211C016
Reuters Code : MICH.CA
Content :
Release from the company includ ...More...

04/03 02:43 - ROTO Release From Rowad Tourism (Al Rowad) (ROTO.CA) Concerning The Postponement Of The EGM Meeting

Company Name : Rowad Tourism (Al Rowad)
ISIN Code : EGS70281C018
Reuters Code : ROTO.CA
Content :
Release From The Company Concer ...More...

04/03 02:42 - PHTV Release From Pyramisa Hotels (PHTV.CA) Concerning The AGM And EGM Invitation

Company Name : Pyramisa Hotels
ISIN Code : EGS70331C011
Reuters Code : PHTV.CA
Content :
The company sent a release concerning th ...More...

04/03 02:41 - EGBE Egyptian Gulf Bank (EGBE.CA) - Board Of Directors' Decisions

Company Name : Egyptian Gulf Bank
ISIN Code : EGS60182C010
Reuters Code : EGBE.CA
Content :
The Board Of Directors Decisions held ...More...

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